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Nike Jordan launched at the Barcelona Olympic Games special memorial is the most worthy collection of a fan, the dream team jersey white / Blue / red / gold color, followed by the number 23 to Jordan's dream team No. 9, lateral tongue trapeze and the words are JORDAN is the charming golden.

1991-1992 averaging 30.1 points per game, second consecutive year of regular season MVP, finals MVP, became the first person in history. In the first round of the playoffs Jordan scored 135 points (45 per game), led the bulls to 3-0 win over the Miami heat, one of only 56 points. The bulls Shirupozhu finals under the leadership of Jordan, with a total score of 4-2 to beat the Blazers won the championship. Jordan used it to defend the second year NBA championship, and this sneaker has also become the 1992 Olympic gold medal single step hero. Break through ideas, artistic colors, AIR-JORDAN-VIII Nike launched in February 1993 8 on behalf of Jordan embodies when focusing on design ideas of science and technology. The 8 generation in the shape of Jordan made a major breakthrough, the most prominent is the cross bonding shoe face buckle design, enhance the stability of the uppers. In the bottom of the absorption design of running shoes, a large number to reduce the rubber material, reduce the the weight of the shoe, the tongue and trapeze signs towel material. The abstract lateral heel and sole central pattern for the 8 generation Jordan adds color art.

The 8 generation of Jordan both fit and support, with shoelaces fixation system, AirHuarache elastic inner bottom wrapped feet, show a hitherto unknown adequacy. Apart will configure the outsole around, a central part of the bold, to achieve the goal of lightweight. It makes Jordan for seven consecutive years, scoring three straight NBA, the dream can be achieved. A new record of Jordan and in the final record averaged 41 points by surprise. But in this year Jordan won 3 consecutive championships, suddenly announced his retirement, many fans thought that Jordan would not return to the game, so that Jordan Jordan is 8 generation in the arena last one, so Jordan 8 also created 93 years Nike's sales record. Jordan 8 in the Jordan retired the first time before the introduction of the last paragraph shoes, so it has special significance in Jordan series. 1992-1993 season, Jordan averaged 32.6 points per game, Chamberlain tied for 7 consecutive scoring record. He scored 20000th this season in the occupation career, making this record second fastest players. In June 20, 1993, Jordan rate of the bulls in the finals with a total score of 4-2 to beat Feinikesi suns record the bulls had first three consecutive championships. Jordan averaged 41 points in the finals in a finals record for highest score. Jordan is indisputably elected in the finals MVP, which made him become the first in the history of three consecutive years won the finals MVP player. The world is underfoot, AIR-JORDAN-IX In 1994, Jordan announced his retirement when people have such a doubt, Jordan series will continue? In fact, Nike is scheduled to launch this unique creative Jordan 9, as if they expected Jordan will return to the court.

AIR JORDAN I In 1984, after winning a national title at the University of North Carolina and a Gold Medal at the Olympic games in Los Angeles, Michael Jordan was selected 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Draft. That year Nike also signed Michael to a five-year endorsement contract worth a reported $2.5 million (plus royalties). There was initially some skepticism over the hefty contract being given to an unproven marketing commodity, but MJ was quick to prove the critics wrong. In 1985, Nike gave Jordan and his signature line of sneakers and apparel a unique logo - clearly, this line was created to be very different from Nike's previous basketball efforts. Designer Peter Moore was given the task of coming up with the first Air Jordan shoe. The Air Jordan 1 featured the Nike Swoosh on the mid panel and a newly designed wings logo on the upper ankle. The first Air Jordan was similar in design to other popular Nike models released in the 1980s such as the Air Force 1, Terminator and Dunk. The Air Jordan I featured a Nike Air unit for heel cushioning, padded foam ankle collars for additional protection and a toe overlay for added lockdown. Although the AJ 1 lacked technology, the colors and cultural significance set the sneaker industry on its ear. The Air Jordan 1 paved the way for colorful basketball sneakers. It transformed the way people looked at athletic shoes. During the 1985 NBA season, Michael wore the Air Jordan 1, which retailed for $65 - at the time, the most expensive basketball shoe on the market. The AJ I Black/Red colorway was banned by the NBA because of rules regarding shoe colors; Jordan was fined $5,000 for every game he wore them (Nike gladly footed the bill, as the fines created even more buzz around the Air Jordan 1). MJ's rookie campaign resulted in an All-Star appearance, Rookie of the Year honors and leading the Bulls to the playoffs after a four-year absence. Michael wore the Air Jordan I Red/White/Black as he scored 63 points against the Boston Celtics in the 1986 playoffs. Although the Bulls ended up losing to the Larry Bird-led Celtics, Michael showed that he was one of the bright young stars in the NBA.

Jordan left the NBA stadium, let the 9 generation become the first series of Jordan Jordan had not worn in NBA's shoes. Jordan, the 9 generation of designers understand the significance of Jordan for the basketball and basketball fans around the world, can be seen in the shadow of the basketball world in Jordan 9. Jordan has not only Americans hero, let more people around the world for his painting skills by trance. Heel trapeze signs first and the earth together, flying trapeze in symbol of the whole earth. The sole pattern respectively English, Chinese and Japanese expression of the world in 23. The sole and heel appeared 2 times, the flag is flying over the body. The 9 generation is that when people see Jordan still can recall its flying figure, the overall shape of it is a relatively simple, not too much innovation in science and technology, or a built-in cushion, palm edge part, to increase stability, with various meaning patterns composed of outside the bottom is caused by poor grip. But the designer made the compensation in comfort, high ankle uppers and round laces are Jordan's feet to bring comfortable and safe feeling. Jordan left NBA days once to the occupation Baseball League feeling, his jersey number is 45, Nike specifically for he launched Jordan's 9 generation baseball style, and a limited edition of 45 with 45 of the 9 generation Jordan baseball style, now estimated this pair of shoes has become a high price.

Although the 9 generation of Jordan is his only a pair of not in the game through the Mens Jordan 30 shoes, but a lot of NBA players through this pair of shoes, particularly the introduction of Jordan's copy of Nike in 2001, including Michael Finley, Derek, Anderson and Richard Hamilton, Jordan signed numerous brand players through the shoes, Jordan himself in this season Jordan through the 9 generation of gray copy, also be round the fans expect Jordan to follow Jordan into the 9 generation NBA.